Teaching projects for craft and technology lessons

Unicycle rider

Working material:

  • 1 wooden board
  • 2 wooden spatulas 11.4 x 1 cm
  • 3 beading tubes
  • Wire 1 mm
  • Wire 2 mm (wheel-tire)
  • round rod 3 mm

Good luck with the construction!

Mounting plate


Beading tubes



Neodymium magnet

First bend the circle out of thicker wire.

To do this, use a round rod or another object with a suitable diameter (4 - 5 cm).

Drill a 3 mm diameter hole in the mounting plate for a bead tube. Insert it and place the washer on top.

Drill two holes with a diameter of 6 mm for 2 neodymium magnets.

The magnets ensure that the spoke is fixed during soldering.

First, solder a spoke to the seam of the outer circle. Turn the circle so that the opposite spoke rests on the two neodymium magnets. Now you can solder without any parts slipping.

Wheel with approx. 5 cm diameter made of 2 / 1 mm wire.

yellow 3d arrow

Shorten the beading tube (wheel axle) so that the “pedals” of the crank can be the same length on both sides of the wheel axle. (carefully with a Puk hacksaw)

Print the boy on 160g paper.

After cutting, fold the paper at the marked points so that it can move there.


Fold over and glue to the back of the beading tube

yellow 3d arrow
yellow 3d arrow

Drill 1.5 mm into the wooden spatula for the crank and

3 mm for the round rod.

After the wheel is mounted so it can rotate, glue the tabs to the back of the shoes, each one attached to the beading tubes.

Finally, the hands are fixed to the rod with hot glue. A base plate ensures better stability.